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Post  Amelinda Jax on Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:00 pm

These are just GUIDELINES not to be followed exactly...just to give you an idea

This is just some more info...remember...all GUIDELINES...not to be followed to a will stress yourself out and take the fun out of the game.

We all say how important it is to train, train, train. Even if you are only at 15% you still need to take your time and train.

Do not level up to quickly. Stay a day or two or even 3 and train at 15%. It is boring, but it will pay off in the long run. Training at 100% awake will also give you better results. The amount of awake seems to determine how much you get out of each train. So if you train at 100% awake, you may get 1.055, then you train again at 50% awake, you may get only .525. I personally ONLY train at 100% awake and energy.

You need to be able to beat most pirates at your level. To beat some at a higher level that you is even better. If you level up to quickly and don't train enough this will be impossible.

Here are some basics guidelines to go buy. Use these to compare to your own attributes and see where you need to focus your training.

These are basics for average pirates

Level 5 :
Strength 40/50
Defense 60/70
Speed 20/30

Level 10 :
Strength 80/90
Defense 120/130
Speed 20/30

Level 15 :
Strength 200/250
Defense 220/270
Speed 70/90

Level 20:
Strength 400/500
Defense 500/600
Speed 100/150

You also need to consider what weapons you want to use. If you use a sword you need more strength and speed. if you use a gun you need more defense.

Guns- raise defense more than any other stat
Sword- speed and strength are needed high, you need that ambush!

A level 20 swordsman should look something like this

strength: 600
speed: 200
defense 200

A level 20 gunner should look something like this

strength: 200
speed: 100

You also need to consider what offhand weapons you are using. For example a hook hand is best used with a sword whereas an unstable black powder kit is best used with a gun. Remember this when equipping yourself. Using a gun is easier, but a hook hand increases your miss fire chance. So don't mix your weapons! I would start of with being a gunner. Switch to being a swordsman later, thats hard.

When your starting out as a swordsman an assassin dirk works well, once your stats start to build up that's when it's better to switch to a dussage. Then when you have just completely trained yourself in to a monster, with strength several times your defense, a broadsword works well.

The precision flintlock pistol is good if you have even stats but if your strength is bad go with a blunderbluss. Blunderbluss is really useful if you want to raise your adjusted strength. Blunder + hook hand gives you 100% strength boost, but ads 43% misfire chance. Sea Buckler and the powder kits are the offhands you will want to be using for a gunner. Gunners want Defense. A gunner wouldn't want an offhand item that would reduce his defense by 25%.

(random number from 75 - 150 ) * energy spent / 20

That's the formula for calculating how much per train you'll get...

Thus, the more awake you have, the better your train will be

From about level 20 on - rule of thumb - attributes total should be 1000 for every 10 levels


1 70 11 550
2 100 12 600
3 150 13 650
4 200 14 700
5 250 15 750
6 300 16 800
7 350 17 850
8 400 18 900
9 450 19 950
10 500 20 1000

lvl 20 2000
lvl 21 2500
lvl 22 3000
lvl 23 3500
lvl 24 4000
lvl 25 4500
lvl 26 5000
lvl 27 5500
lvl 28 6000
lvl 29 6500
lvl 30 7000
lvl 31 8000
lvl 32 9000
lvl 33 10000

-When training @ 15% success rate, it is actually closer to 30% that you will succeed. For respected pirates, the 25% minimum success rate is more like 50%. after hearing this at first, i tested this information for about a week, and it proved to be fairly accurate.

--Becoming a basic respected pirate (RP) costs only $3 per month. You get a "25%" min. training chance and gain access to the Grand Pirate Palace. There you can buy snuff to help you train more often. This gives you a nice advantage over non-RP's.

--If anyone who is not a RP wishes to purchase snuff, please PM me or someone in your fleet that is RP how much you want and I will tell you how much money you will need to send me. Each unit of snuff costs $788 @ the GPP. I will give it to you @ cost (no profit for me). You can also purchase it on the market sometimes for GPP price of $788, sometimes for $789, spending an extra dollar or 2 is not going to make much of a difference and save a lot of hassle.
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